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Interior Detail

Interior Detail

Classic Interior Detail

Thoroughly clean your interior with our interior detailing service. It features a cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove dirt, debris and minor treatment of stains. All interior components are then wiped down or treated with a fabric, leather, vinyl and/or plastic protection.


Any stains on the headliner are gently removed with special detergents. The trunk and spare tire areas are cleaned.

Prices Starting At:

  • Cars: $149

  • Crossovers: $189

  • Trucks/SUVs: $249

Signature Interior Detail

Our Signature detail includes a thorough vacuum using our exclusive Tornador system. We shampoo and or clean all seats, carpets, and floor matts.  Using a combination of cleaners, stain removers and steam, we detail brush clean all plastics, vinyl, leather and glass. We apply correct protectants to all different materials giving your car a brand new look.


Every nook, crack, and cranny gets our attention .Even the trunk and spare tire. And if you leave your child's car seat in the car, we will do that too.

Prices Starting At:

  • Cars: $249

  • Crossovers: $289

  • Trucks/SUVs: $349

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